Initial Consultation

A Body Code Initial Evaluation Consultation consists of determining how well the body is functioning. What this entails is using muscle testing to scan the functions of the following: 

    • Checking your Immune System to give you a percentage of how well it is functioning
    • Check percentage of brain messages reaching organs and glands, which could mean a spinal misalignment
    • Checking the percentage of heart messages reaching body tissues, which could indicate a Heart-wall.  
    • Determine Pathogens, i.e. viral, bacteria, fungal, mold, and parasites, as well as toxins, i.e. general toxicities and toxicities of Heavy Metals 
    • Check for any ‘unhappy’ or imbalanced organs and glands.

This information will then be forwarded to you through e-mail.

$134 per initial consultation

If you already know what you want to work on in a Body Code session, use The Body Code button here.

Dr. Bradley Nelson and Sherri Cousart; 2016

Dr. Bradley Nelson and Sherri Cousart; 2016


The Body Code INITIAL EVALUATION CONSULTATION session is done remotely and takes 30-minutes per session. This session is done over the phone, via Skype, and/or email. There is no releasing/clearing during the session unless your body indicates that an organ and/or gland is in need of immediate assistance within the allotted time of the session.


Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time
Saturdays 9:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m. Pacific Time

**NOTE: I ask everyone receiving a Body Code, Emotion Code, Heart-Wall or Blasting Away Your Abundance, Wealth, and Success Blocks session to keep an open mind and to be patient with his/her own results. Some people notice improvement right away, while for others, it may take a while longer; at times from one week to even a month. If issues recur, it simply means that there is more work to be done!

Please realize some conventional tests are not reliable, such as regarding Parasites, when in fact a person may have them in their body, a conventional test may not show this.  When these imbalances are not detected through conventional tests, they WILL eventually show up and cause dis-ease with a myriad of symptoms in our bodies.


By Email: [email protected]

By phone: (408) 300-8348 


Note: A Body Code Practitioner does not diagnose medical problems nor is a substitute for the need for medical attention or Psychological counseling. What the Body Code Practitioner can do is discover and release emotions and other energies and imbalances (hidden, underlying and/or secret) that are trapped in the body that are contributing factors to mental/emotional and/or physical issues. These releases then free the body, mind and spirit to balance with Its own innate Healing Intelligence.