The Body Code

The Body Code is “so powerful, it can detect any health imbalance in the body.”

~Dr. Bradley Nelson

BodyCodeColorfulThe Body Code System is an advanced System that gets to the root cause of any underlying, hidden or secret imbalance in our bodies, minds, spirits and relationships PLUS in any area of our lives (even animals too!) that create the causes for dis-ease/disease. This amazing System is a great preventer of diseases. The energetic body, which is the ‘energy field’ of a body, is a template for the physical body. Scientists are now discovering more about the ‘energy field’ of our body. When our ‘energy body’ becomes imbalanced, it greatly affects our physical and emotional well being, causing pain, dis-ease, depression, anxiety, allergies, lowered Immune System, struggle and a myriad of other symptoms. When these imbalances occur, it is due to emotional blocks and other insidious energies that get stored in the body and energy field, therefore, eventually causing disease. The Body Code gets rid of them. We tap into the Subconscious Mind to get instant answers to be able to accommodate you. In order for a person to become well again, these imbalances must be corrected and released.

Certified Body Code Practitioner:

Dr. Bradley Nelson The Body code

Sherri with Dr. Bradley; January 2015

As a Certified Body Code Practitioner, I have had the fortunate gift of learning how to detect, release and/or correct these imbalances. Correcting these imbalances means going to the root of the problem and releasing any energies contributing to any underlying, hidden, secret and/or troublesome imbalances and health challenges in the body. Our bodies have their own Innate Intelligence to heal, if the conditions are right. This is what I do; I make the conditions right in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies!

Dr. Bradley Nelson, founder of the Body Code System, believes that the body is made up of pure energy. In recent years, modern science is backing this fact up. This pure energy can be negatively influenced in a number of ways, and symptoms of these energy imbalances can manifest as a host of health issues.

Targeted Areas of Life:

The Six Categories of Imbalances: nullAs a Certified Body Code Practitioner, along with my innate intuitive abilities and extensive background experience as an Energy Healer, I check all that is listed below plus ANY particular issue you feel needs addressing in the areas of your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual lives, i.e. relationship issues, money issues, career issues, abundance issues et al. Below are the areas I target to detect any number of health and/or life issues:

ENERGETIC: A myriad of negative energies such as Trapped Emotions, Heart-wall, Post Traumatic Energies, Mental Energies and Offensive Energies such as saboteurs, entities, curses and more that influence our realities in a negative way and that keep us from moving forward and staying healthy.

TOXICITY: Heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals (from medicines to vaccinations, even childhood vaccines), environmental toxins, excesses of the elementals and even stress hormones that literally pollute our bodies and prevent us from getting well.

CIRCUITS & SYSTEMS: Short circuits in the specific body’s Systems, i.e. Circulatory, Respiratory, Reproductive, Immune, Endocrine, Lymphatic, Nervous, Digestive, Urinary, Skeletal, Muscular and Integumentary (skin) Systems plus all Organs, Glands, Meridians, and Chakras, which make up our physical body can, if on over-load, cause low energy, shortness of breath, fatigue, dizziness, hormone imbalance, sleeplessness and more. I can also assist you in reconnecting your Spirit’s organs/glands to your Physical Body and vice versa, if they are not communicating with one another, as well.  We also work with Morning Sickness where there are any disconnections of the Mother’s body (and her support system) to Baby’s body (and Baby’s support system) and vice versa!

PATHOGENS: Fungal, bacterial, viral, mold and parasites are detected and sometimes are not detectable in conventional tests. These pathogens inhibit our body’s ability to heal itself.

Note: As a Certified Body Code Practitioner, I am testing for the’ energy field’ of pathogens. I pick up the energies of any imbalance. For instance, a pathogen of mold could be from a past mold infection, and these ‘energies’ of mold will cause imbalances in the body, as well as the pathogen of mold itself.

STRUCTURAL: Bones, nerves, muscles, connective tissue and organ/gland misalignments can be detected and corrected using the Body Code. I can also detect what has caused a structural imbalance.

NUTRITIONAL: I can detect ph imbalances, dehydration, nutritional deficiencies, i.e. what your body needs to consume or to avoid and whether or not you are absorbing your supplements to assist your body to function at its peak! I can also detect any malnourishment even a Spiritual malnourishment!


chakra-body1How I work is first by getting your permission to connect with you energetically; secondly, by asking questions to your subconscious, i.e. “What is the main underlying imbalance preventing you from financial success?” and/or ‘What is the most powerful and/or hidden imbalances causing pain in your body?” I ask specifically where the pain is! We can ask a myriad of questions to find any energy that may be stored in your body, in front of your body and in your energy field entirely and/or what is short-circuiting your body. This is just a brief example of how I work. We can also ask about any issue from Immune System problems, weight issues, depression, being alone, to any situation that is an issue for you – the list goes on!


eyeI work as a Proxy after getting your permission to connect with your energy, meaning that I can work anywhere in the world remotely from where I am, as I connect with you energetically and work on the phone, Skype, Zoom, and/or e-mail. I also e-mail you your results. If working through email, I call it an E-session. Through an E-session, I ask permission to proxy with you energetically, and then I work to remove what is energetically getting in your way.

The Body Code SESSIONS:

Body Code sessions are done over the phone, Skype, Zoom, and/or email.

I work with people from all around the world using phone, Skype, Zoom, and email.

My Schedule:

Monday – Friday 9:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m. Pacific Time

My Prices:

$120 per Body Code session

30-40 Minute Body Code Session on any issue the client would like to address. I work very deeply and acutely!

Evaluation Consultation I

Used to determine low functioning organs, glands, and systems plus discover any pathogens and/or toxicities that are negatively affecting your body, such as heavy metals, and stress hormones.

This initial Body Code Consultation entails checking Immune System function; percentage of brain messages reaching organs and glands; percentage of heart messages reaching body tissues.

Evaluation Consultation I

$134 per Evaluation Consultation

Evaluation Consultation II

$250 per Evaluation Consultation with Body Code Session

**NOTE: I ask everyone receiving a Body Code session to keep an open mind and to be patient with his/her own results. Some people notice improvement right away, while for others, it may take a while longer at times from one week to even a month. If issues recur, it simply means that there is more work to be done!

Please realize some conventional tests are not reliable, such as regarding Parasites, when in fact a person may have them in their body, a conventional test may not show this. When these imbalances are not detected through conventional tests, they WILL eventually show up and cause dis-ease with a myriad of symptoms in our bodies.