Energy Body

Our Energy Body is intimately connected with the neurology of our physical body.

The neurology of your physical body is ‘hard-wired’ into your Energy Body. When releasing trapped emotions and other energies that are impacting your physical body in a negative way, your energy body will radiate a sense of well-being just by applying the Body Code/Emotion Code.


PHYSICAL ENERGY BODY – this is our physical body – it, too, is energy.

ETHERIC ENERGY BODY – the etheric layer of our energy body located about one quarter to one half an inch from the physical body.

EMOTIONAL ENERGY BODY – This is the third layer.  This is where we keep our emotions/feelings.

MENTAL ENERGY BODY – This is where our ideas come from.  Our belief systems are stored in this body.  Our thoughts are active and sorted out in this body.  Our personal experiences are stored in this body.

SPIRITUAL ENERGY BODY – This is the final layer of all our bodies.  Our ‘higher awareness/consciousness’ lives in this body.