Healing With The Violet Flame

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Let’s talk about the Violet Flame!

Today, I felt the inspiration to relay information about this wonderfully unique spiritual energy, so here it is!! The Violet Flame can help us in any area of our lives. It can heal our emotional and physical problems and even past mistakes that we’ve made. Those negative elements (energies) within ourselves can be transformed by the Violet Flame. Before I go into detail about how it helps us, I wanted to acknowledge that the Violet Flame was utilized by saints and others throughout the ages who were adept at how to use the Violet Flame. The Violet Flame was only released to the public earlier this century by an Ascended Master named Saint Germain. Just to remind you, the Ascended Masters are enlightened spiritual beings who once were here walking on earth like us. Other names of the Ascended Masters I am sure you are familiar with are Jesus the Christ, Krishna and Buddha.

So here we go! The Violet Flame works by changing ‘vibrations’. To give you an example, I know you have heard of alchemy, where metals are transformed into gold, well……this is symbolic of what the Violet Flame does ONLY with energy. This is called ‘the alchemy of self-transformation’. Let me give you some examples of what I am talking about. The Violet Flame has the wonderful ability to transform fear into courage, anxiety into peace and hate into love. When this happens, the vibration of our energy raises and we increase our abilities to manifest a healthier, happier and more peaceful life. When we have a higher vibration, our health is more at its optimum, i.e. our organs are working at a higher vibration, our immune systems become stronger and our auras are not clogged.

How The Violet Flame Works For Us

Now, I hope this doesn’t get too technical here, but I think it’s worth relaying! First of all, we ARE energy, as dense as we may look and feel! There are so many molecules that are spinning within us. In physics, vibration is the speed of something that moves back and forth. On the atomic levels, vibration is understood to be the speed where electrons orbit around the nucleus of the atom and the Violet Flame works by changing vibrations on this level. Atoms are mostly empty space. In this empty space between the nucleus and the electrons is where negative energy and karma can become stuck. When the atoms in our bodies and in our auras (the colorful energy field around our body) become blocked and clogged with negativity, the electrons swirl at a much slower pace, and we start resonating with more negativity and a lot less light. Therefore, we operate at a much lower vibration and our light gets very dim. When this happens, we attract more negativity and lower vibratory rates in our bodies, which slow down our organs and diminish the strength of our immune systems. We are even more susceptible to accidents. So….the Violet Flame transmutes this negative energy not necessarily removing the energy BUT TRANSFORMING it into light! Due to there being less density within our atoms, the electrons freely swirl faster and faster and, therefore, raise our vibration. When we have a higher vibration, there is more spiritual energy in our bodies that promote more positivity in our minds, bodies and our spirits. Again, how the Violet Flame does this is that it frees up the negative energy by transforming it, which re-establishes harmony and equilibrium in our bodies and then propels us into a more spiritual state of being and feeling good! WHEW! Isn’t that TERRIFIC?

Invoking The Violet Flame

There is a little Decree or prayer that you can use to invoke the healing properties of the Violet Flame. It goes like this: “I AM a being of violet fire! I AM the purity God (or whatever you call the Higher Power) desires!” Take a few slow deep breaths with your hand on your heart and just feel the peacefulness it will invoke. You ALL are pure of heart – this is YOUR ESSENCE!

I have a little exercise I was taught years ago using the Violet Flame. This exercise helps amazingly when you are having difficulty with anyone! This is what you do:

“Get into a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. Now, take three slow deep breaths. Before any healing I do, I always call to my Spirit – you don’t have to know where your Spirit is – just call! Your Spirit will immediately come back to your body. Invoke the Violet Flame by saying that little Decree that I shared with you above. Now, picture in your Mind’s Eye, the person that you are having difficulty with; you can call in their Spirit. Next, call to you your Higher Self (your Infinite Self); just call to them and they are there! Also, call to the Higher Self of the person you are having difficulty with. Next, call to the Violet Flame and picture the Violet Flame above your head and now, above the other person’s head. Your Higher Selves will be above the Violet Flame. So it is you, the Violet Flame, your Higher Self; the other person, the Violet Flame, their Higher Self. Last but not least, imagine the Infinity Symbol (looks like the number 8 on its side!) being drawn all around all six of you, i.e. you, the Violet Flame, your Higher Self; the other person, the Violet Flame, their Higher Self. In your Mind’s Eye, talk about what is going on BRIEFLY. Let it go….and leave the rest to your Higher Selves and the Violet Flame. Just let it go and the next time you see the other person, see what happens! Your Higher Selves will communicate with one another; the Violet Flame will transmute the energy and you and the other person will get a healing.” ENJOY! Great little exercise I must say!

Wraping It Up

Enjoy invoking the Violet Flame and allowing yourself to receive healings. I usually give myself permission to heal whenever I use any spiritual tool. I feel, for me, it opens me up to receive. Another way to use the Violet Flame is to just invoke it and open yourself up for a grand healing. I would open my Crown Chakra (top of head) and picture it flowing in starting from there and then traveling down through your whole body, going into every cell, organ, blood, bones, nervous system, lymph system, skin – in EVERY fiber of your being ALSO in your etheric body! We’ll talk about that in another post!

I thank you for stopping by and visiting! If you have any questions or comments, I would love to hear from you. Let’s talk! Please feel free to contact me as well at: yourtruepurpose@gmail.com.

Many abundant blessings to you,

Body Code Practitioner

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