The Proverbial “Slap On The Butt”

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Born With Trapped Emotions!

BabyButtAbout six months ago, I got this gestalt of awareness regarding the proverbial ‘slap on the butt’ when we are born. This came to me when listening to Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, Agape Center, one Sunday giving his wonderful Sunday sermon on how we have two births. The first one is the birth of our human body and the second one is when we awaken to our Spirituality. Before he got to the second birthing description, his passion took him to comparing how we Westerners deliver babies verses the Le Boyer method. Rev. Michael talked about how we get ‘slapped on the butt’ right after we are born.

THIS rang a BIG bell within me! I thought – “HA! Trapped Emotion/s!!” So….of course, I checked myself! YEP! My Trapped Emotion from this action was ‘effort unreceived!’ Think about it……..your journey starts with the development in your Mother’s womb……then it is time to be born and you go through the journey of the birth canal OR through C-Section. Regardless of the ‘how’ we get here, we are met with the proverbial ‘slap on the butt’.

When I discovered that I had ‘effort unreceived’ from this action, I thought to myself, ‘ALL that work and ‘effort’ was met with a ‘slap’ causing an aftermath of a TE that resonated in me and lead me to actually believe that any effort I put into this life is not ‘received’. If the TE is not obvious, it definitely is insidious in our lives. I don’t think doctors do this practice anymore, however, I’m not sure how long ago they stopped doing this.

I also discovered from this how much ‘listening’ and ‘paying attention’ to what is said around us can tap us deeply into our curiosity and THIS is where our deeper healing contributes to our Sacred Call in being an Emotion Code Practitioner!

I’d love feedback from any Emotion Code Practitioner and/or person who feels, senses and has discovered their Trapped Emotion regarding the proverbial “slap on the butt”!!


Sherri ~

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