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What I Know About Guardian Angels:

Sherri Court The Body CodeWELCOME to my blog! I had a request from a wonderful friend this month asking me to write what I know about Guardian Angels. I thought what a terrific idea, so here I go!

What I know is that from the time of our birth, each one of us here on Earth is assigned to a Guardian Angel. However, before I continue with what I know, I’d like to address the name ‘Guardian Angel’. If it turns you off in any way, you can change the name to Protective Angel, Guiding Angel, Angel Guide, Special Angel or just Guardian, as these names are just as communicative to YOUR special angel as you invoke them to utilize their help and energy.  As I write here, I’ll use Guardian Angel, as it has a deep meaning for me and feels right (plus I’ve been using that title since I was a little girl!)

A Guardian Angel is an angel who has most likely lived on Earth before. They are assigned to you specifically to guide, protect and care for you while you are journeying here on our Planet. Since they have been assigned to each one of you uniquely, it is with GREAT benefit for you and for them to establish a conscious relationship/union. The unique relationship between you and your Guardian Angel simultaneously assists you both, as they get to complete the work they have been given – TO ASSIST YOU! You receive their assistance, love, protection, and guidance for the rest of your earthly life!

Utilizing Your Angel’s Services:

guardianheartenerg-1You can utilize your Guardian Angel’s service by asking them for anything you need help with from creating a parking spot to asking for their protection in any given situation, to helping you resolve problems.  I have asked my Guardian Angels to even help me shop for the right vitamins, clothes – directing me to the right shops too!  Guardian Angels are VERY powerful and have a high vibratory rate of energy, therefore, they can help heal you and clear your energy as well.   It’s a good practice to call to them to clear your energy at night before you go to sleep.  You don’t want to take the day’s energy and all the people you have dealt with to bed with you!

Answers From Your Guardian Angels:

Be patient as it could take a few tries to a few days to receive your answers.  Just a few recommendations for easier and assured success pertaining to listening for your answers!  Your diet needs to be good so you are a clearer vessel to receive your answers.  A lot of caffeine, sugar, heavy foods, junk food and too much alcohol are agitating to our physical, mental and emotional bodies; therefore, drink lots of water and eat wholesome foods, lots of fruits and vegetables too, in order to keep your body/mind/spirit light inside and out!

guardian-2How I receive my answers are usually from that small but powerful voice within!  At times, I will also see my answer in my Third Eye.   Other times, I’ll turn on the radio and I’ll hear words in a song that resonate as my answer.  Also, you could feel a tingly sensation in your body and if you do, pay attention to it and just listen to it!  Another way to hear your answer could be walking by people who are engaged in a conversation and VOILA – you’ll hear words that you will just ‘know’ are meant for you as your answer!  As you are discovering on this blog, you will receive your answers in a myriad of ways!  You’ll know the answer/s when you either hear one or see it.  Make sure  it resonates true with you.   REMEMBER to be PATIENT, if you do not get your answers in the moment of asking.  You can ask as many times as you wish.  While waiting for your answer/s, pay very close attention to the words, people and even the sights around you.  You could even look up at a billboard and there could be your answer.  This happened to me years ago.  I asked a question while I was driving on a freeway one day and happened to look up to my left where on a billboard, there was my answer!  I chuckled with gratitude and I know my Guardian Angel directed me to look up to my left! Interesting – wouldn’t you say?  You can also receive messages through your plans changing or taking another route to work or anywhere you are driving only to find out that there was an accident at your usual route during the time of your travels!  When you get your answers in that way and in ALL ways, remember to thank your Guardian Angel as they are ALWAYS looking out for you.

Caution Regarding Answers Received:

goldenangels-3The answers you receive from Guardian Angels or any great message within that comes to your awareness will feel calming, true and a lot of times, will be an ‘aha moment’.  If a message doesn’t feel ‘true’ or ‘right’ to you, your body will tell you by its response.  You may feel a prickly, agitated feeling.  Just take a deep breath in and dismiss any and all negative energies by saying, “LEAVE NOW!”  When you receive a message that truly feels right, your body will feel light and your mind calm.  I recommend you pay close attention!

Let’s Talk About Names!

When I received my Guardian Angel’s name, it took me by surprise.  I was expecting to hear some biblical name or even a name from some angelic realm; however, I heard the name ‘Autumn’.  My Guardian Angel’s name is Autumn.  I thought – huh?  OK!  I really LOVE the season of autumn – so I obviously accepted her name and could even feel her soothing and sweet energy.   I have a friend whose Guardian Angel’s name is an unusual one; his name is Virgil!  Now, his name isn’t out of a common “Book of Names” and I know she did not conjure up his name on her own!   When she shared his name with me, it gave me a chuckle!  I wasn’t expecting it!   His name to me is unusual.  It has a sweet and humorous sound to me!   We both did get a kick out of that one!  She didn’t say, “oh no….I’m not sure I want that name!”  She very warmly and willingly accepted her Guardian Angel Virgil and his name.  He has been and is very helpful to her.   Periodically,  she will mention him to me in conversation and again, I chuckle because his name tickles me!   So, I am asking you to just trust what you receive and accept the first name that you either hear inside your head or see in your Third Eye (Mind’s Eye).  This name is your special Guardian Angel’s name.  Don’t try to force a name to come to you (especially a name that you want and like!  It doesn’t work that way!).  A name WILL come to you!

Contacting Your Guardian Angel:

Now, it is time to learn how to contact your Guardian Angel.  It is SO simple!  You will be surprised!  Here is how I recommend invoking your first meeting to open yourself up to your special relationship with your Guardian Angel.

“Prepare yourself and your room as if you are going to meditate or pray, because this is exactly what you are going to do.  With your intention to meet your Guardian Angel, let’s first set the sacred space.  Light a candle; if you’d like, ignite some mild and soothing incense and put on some soft angelic music (if it soothes you into a mellow mood).  If you have any rose and/or lavender aromatherapy oil, you can dab a bit under your nose and/or on your wrists.  These oils will help to relax you even more!  Now, lie down or sit in a comfortable position; breathe in easily, gently and deeply (about 1 ½ – 2 inches below the belly button) three times.  Depending on your religious orientation, call to your Creator, the Source of All Life, the Truth Known by Many Names, whatever name you call your Higher Power.  Next, if you like, invoke your Higher Self, Soul and Spirit to join you.  I also ask that only angels from the highest vibration come to join in for this Union.  As you are now relaxed and breathing easily, express that you are now ready to meet your Guardian Angel.  Call to your Guardian Angel and ask that your Guardian Angel reveal his/her name to you.  Listen within!  Depending on how you receive information, you will get a sense of the name by feeling the name, seeing the name in your Third Eye or hearing the name gently in your head.  Trust the first name that comes to you!  After receiving the name, I encourage you to tune in and get a feel for your Angel.  When you tune in to the ‘feeling’ of your Guardian Angel, you will always know that feeling to be him or her.

Next, welcome your Guardian Angel into your life and tell him/her, if you’d like, that you are yearning to know them and so very happy they are here for you to help you on your Earth’s journey.  Thank them for responding to your call.  When you feel complete with this process, you can count yourself up from 1 to 3 telling yourself that you are now coming out of the meditation/prayer feeling good, soothed and realizing that you are now conscious of your new companion.”

Asking For Assistance:

guardianangelwatercolor-4Asking for assistance from our Guardian Angels is easy BUT you have to ask! They never interfere with our processes here on Earth. Therefore, we need to invite them into our lives to participate with us, otherwise, we are missing out on their loving messages and guidance. We have free will to make choices; therefore, they will never interfere with your free will or your choices. They will always lovingly be by your side whatever choices you make though! Yep! Their love is that strong for you! So when asking for their assistance, you simply call to them by their name anytime and anywhere. Even when you are feeling lonely, call to them; talk to them about how you are feeling emotionally. Talk to them about all your concerns, i.e. love, relationships, health, career, financial issues and world issues. Talk to them when you are happy and feeling fulfilled too! Share your gratitude with them. When you call to them, they respond immediately! After your Guardian Angel has helped you in any way, always express your gratitude to them – even a simple ‘thank you’.

I am SO happy that you stopped by my blog today. I would LOVE to hear from you regarding any experiences that you may have had with your special Guardian Angel and/or your invocation process. If you have any questions at all, please write in the ‘comment’ space of my blog and I will be very happy to answer you. It will be fun to connect with you too!

I SALUTE all of you as you proceed and continue your spiritual growth/journey and inner awakenings. This is the time to dive in! Oh one more share here – my Guardian Angel slipped in a little reminder. She says you can call to your Guardian Angel asking them to wrap their energies/wings around you, if you need ANY comfort! Tune in and allow yourself to feel their love for you. You just may feel a sense of protection, calm and love wrapped all around you! Try it, you’ll like it!!

Many Blessings, love & peace to you,


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