Heart-felt Talks With Sherri

Posted by on Mar 13, 2011 in Spirituality

Heart-felt Talks With Sherri

Lord Byron wisely said: “There is no instinct like that of the heart.”

What brings joy to my heart and keeps me standing in my True Purpose is my ability to listen intuitively to the inspirational heart messages that come easily to me.  These heart messages are for me…… yes…… AND also meant for (and to be shared with) whomever is standing in front of me in the moment!  I have been blessed to receive the gifts of inspiration and intuition, which enhance my life greatly.  I get to deliver these messages to other’s with shear delight!  I feel these messages come to me from Spirit; it just happens automatically.  When someone is speaking with me, I listen intently (keeping within my boundaries, of course!) and just feel their energy.  I can sense and see their beauty within, feel and see their sadnesses, their frustrations and their doubts.  If I do not feel an openness from the person I am with in that moment, I will not relay the message, as I do honor boundaries, for sure.  Sometimes, in that situation, the messages won’t even come in.  However,   if the person is open and receptive, then….the messages begin!

What Brings You Joy?

You and I know there are NEVER any accidents or coincidences in this Universe.  Whomever I am with at that particular moment is by Divine orchestration (yes, along with our own ability to create and co-create our reality!).  I LOVE it!  Once I receive the particular message for that person, the words just start flowing from me.  This is how I know for sure that inspiration is a BIG part of my True Purpose.  I feel inspired when I am connecting to someone and VOILA, I feel a message flowing into my heart chakra and see the words in my Third Eye.  The message is purposeful as it is given as good energy medicine – great medicine for me and for whomever! This happens quite a lot!  Perhaps I’m picking up the hunger for something in that person who may need encouragement, to remind them of who they are, to facilitate a healing for them at that moment.  This hunger is also mirroring to me my desire and my passion to assist, to inspire and to have fun!   I get to share what I love to do best, which is to inspire and help people uncover their spiritual gifts and their Divine purpose.   Absolutely pure joy for me!

You know, I knew I wanted to start a blog but felt ‘tongue-tied’ because I just didn’t know what words would flow from me or if they even would!   HA!  Can’t even believe I doubted myself on that one!!  This has been so much fun for me today!  If anyone has a question for me or would like to discuss this topic and/or share their own experiences with their spiritual paths, I’d LOVE to connect with you.  Let’s have fun and invite all of our Spirits, Souls and Higher Selves…..and yes…..our Spirit Guides to join us, inspire us and to help us open to more of the love that IS inside us all!

Blessings everyone!  Here’s to opening our hearts evermore!