Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

Posted by on May 31, 2013 in Spirituality

Emotional Freedom Technique – EFT

Emotional Freedom Technique, also known as EFT or Tapping, is a simple and powerfully effective way to regain emotional health and release blocks. To begin, please think of an issue that is causing you anxiety or distress.  Rate this issue on the SUDS Scale (Subjective Units of Distress), a scale measuring the intensity of this disturbance or distress from 0 to 10 – with 10 being the most disturbing and/or distressing.

Start with tapping on the Side of either hand called the ‘karate chop’, between the baby finger and base of wrist and say:  “Even though I have this _(issue)_______, I deeply and completely accept and honor myself.”  Do this (3X).

Now, tap on the following points (you can tap on either side of the body).  I tap at least five little taps on each point.

        • Beginning of Temple (side of eye)
        • Under Eye
        •  Under nose
        • Under mouth – (chin)
        • Under collarbone – (beginning of collarbone)
        • Under Arm – (4 inches below armpit)
        • Top of Head
        • Side of hand (karate chop pt.)
        • Inside wrist – (in the middle of wrist)
        • Top of hand – (between baby finger & ring finger) – Take a Deep breath in/out!


*Continue tapping over again until you reach a level of 2 or 1 on the SUDs Scale.

Next, you can tap in positive affirmations on each of these points that correlate to your issue.  For example, if you have a fear/anxiety issue, tap it away and then when you get down on the scale to about a 2 or 1, you can start tapping at the Beginning of the Eyebrow and say, “I am really very courageous; next point, I was born to be courageous; next point, I have released all this unnecessary fear; next point, “my fear has been replaced with courage” and so on.  As you are tapping, you can say anything positive that comes to your mind.

Root Cause Technique – Purpose is to FORGIVE

If you do not feel completely free of the ‘issue’ then do the Root Cause Technique.  Acknowledge your rating of the issue (scale from 1 to 10, with 10 being the most disturbing and/or distressing).  Then tap side of hand 3 X saying,  “Even though I stillhave this __(issue)_____, I deeply and completely accept and honor myself.”  Now, tap on the points below with the following wording:

        • EYEBROW
        • UNDER EYE: anxiety
        • SIDE OF EYE: resentment
        • LITTLE FINGER: sadness
        • EYEBROW again: emotional trauma
        • UNDER MOUTH: shame
        • TOP OF HEAD: guilt
        • HEART: grief
        • INDEX FINGER – forgiveness: Say, “I forgive myself for ever taking this on; (still tapping throughout) I was only doing the best I could; I forgive everyone involved; they were only doing the best they could; I love and accept myself.  I am eliminating anything that would make me keep this __(issue)____ or allow it to come back in any way.  I don’t need this ___(issue)____ any longer, because I am now able to replace this __(issue)_____ with _(a positive emotion/attribute)_. Keep tapping on Index Finger saying, “I learned from this experience and now see it differently.  I now replace this negative emotion with the positive one, which is ____________.  Take a DEEP breath in and So It Is!”